Passion & Dedication

"I have always wanted the service to be as memorable as the food."


"From very early on in my career as a chef I harbored a dream, to one day own my own restaurant. I didn't really know what the restaurant would look like, what kind of food I would be cooking, how large or small it would be, but there were two things I was certain it would be. It would be in Scotland and it would be great.


At the age of 36 I finally realized my dream. I opened Restaurant Andrew Fairlie within the iconic Gleneagles Hotel in heart of beautiful Perthshire, about 10 miles from where I grew up as a child.


So in May of 2001 I opened a gastronomic restaurant, initially serving 40 guests. I had a fixed idea on what style of food I wanted to serve and I knew I wanted the service to be as memorable as the food. I had a loyal group of brilliant small suppliers in place, and I wanted to make use of the world-class natural produce that Scotland exported, but rarely made great use of at home. I was as sure as I could be that I was ready for the challenge, and in my head I wanted Michelin recognition.


The one fundamental thing I knew I needed in order for this business to work and be as successful as I wanted it to be, I needed like-minded, talented, passionate and dedicated people to work with me.


From day one I gathered a team of people around me, most of them my friends, people I had worked with in the past, and we set about opening a restaurant that we all wanted to be proud of. First and foremost I wanted a working environment where we all respected each other, we appreciated each other, we all looked after each other. We were all working for the same goal, we all wanted to create a special restaurant. Some of those key people remain today, notably Dale my General Manager and Stevie my head chef, both of whom continue to strive for perfection in their daily working lives, but more importantly continue to nurture a sense of belonging, a family atmosphere, an environment where people can learn, have fun, work hard, make friends and go on and be as successful as they want to be.


Of that I am most proud."

Andrew Fairlie