"I love the professional atmosphere we work in and I love the relationship we have between front of house and kitchen. From my first day I have been made to feel at home, my work colleagues are now my friends and I can have as much fun socialising as I do at work.

I feel I am lucky to work in an environment where I have fun but at the same time I am learning every day and I am enhancing my own career prospects."

Joana-Pons Gari - Senior Chef de Rang, Restaurant Andrew Fairlie


"I feel very proud to be the pastry chef in one of the top restaurants in the UK. We work extremely hard but we also have an amazing team spirit. It is by far the best working environment I have experienced in any other kitchens I have worked in previously.

I love nature so I spend lots of my free time outdoors and I think Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries and it offers me pretty much everything I need."

Gerard Chouet - Pastry Chef, Restaurant Andrew Fairlie


"I joined the restaurant from One Devonshire Gardens in Glasgow in the summer of 2008 and was there for two years, the first as assistant and the second as head sommelier. For such a specialist career the major attraction was having the chance to work across the whole spectrum of wines from the good value little gems on the list all the way through to the most iconic wines of the world. A hugely rewarding part was the diversity of guests who walk through the door and the opportunity to make the experience appropriate and special for all. The colleagues were equally as interesting and international and friendships soon blossomed. The real family atmosphere of the team is integral to the restaurant and is nourished daily over staff meals. On leaving I moved to London and am now at The Ledbury Restaurant."

Emily Galletly - Assistant Sommelier The Ledbury, London


"When I started to work at Andrew Fairlie's restaurant I was blown away, even until this day I can honestly say I've never worked in a restaurant with such a strong team spirit and passion not just for the job, but everything there is about food, drink and dining. I loved living in such a beautiful area; having so much local produce to learn about and use, it has driven my career, knowledge and has led to so many opportunities.

Thank you for the training, discipline and fun times, I honestly couldn't think of a better place to have started my career.

I can honestly say there really isn't a day that goes by when I don't think about the restaurant."

Clare Ratcliffe - Head Waiter Le Gavroche, London


"I absolutely loved the four years I spent working with Andrew and the team at the restaurant. It was a very disciplined and passionate environment in which to learn and I enjoyed every minute. I have made some really close friends during my time there and I learned how to work as part of a very close team as well as expand my knowledge of food and customer service.

If an opportunity comes up to join the team at Andrew Fairlie's, my advice to anyone would be - take it!"

Ian Scaramuzza - Head Chef Hibiscus, London