Our values

Minimising our environmental impact

Andrew's quiet commitment to sustainability and innovation in the restaurant permeates the restaurant today. Sustainable practices are used throughout our operations, benefitting from the use of biomass boilers to generate energy for heating and hot water. The restaurant uses LED lighting to reduce energy consumption and low-flow taps are installed in the kitchen to conserve water.

Seasonal menus showcasing the best of Scottish produce

We advocate sustainable agriculture and are committed to supporting local producers who shared these values. Our team work closely with local farmers and suppliers to source the freshest and highest quality ingredients. We believe that using fresh, local ingredients is essential to creating exceptional cuisine and our team of chefs work tirelessly to ensure that each menu is a true reflection of the season. In our Secret Garden Jo grows organically keeping our produce naturally delicious.

An exceptional dining experience

We believe that consistency and perfection is essential to delivering exceptional dining experiences and our team works tirelessly to ensure that all our guests receive the same impeccable food and service on every visit. From the greeting at the door to the farewell at the end of the meal, we are dedicated to making everyone feel special in an atmosphere that is warm, relaxed and inviting.

Helping to create a more responsible food industry

Our sustainable ethos extends to traceability in the food supply chain. We believe in transparency and accountability in sourcing ingredients and our chefs work closely with our suppliers and producers to ensure that all produce is traceable back to its source. This commitment to traceability ensures that our guests can be confident they are eating food that is ethically sourced and produced.


Supporting local producers

Our dedication to using the finest quality produce is reflected in our relationships with our network of Scottish suppliers, farmers and producers. We build strong partnerships based on trust and mutual respect and we work closely with suppliers to source the freshest and most sustainable ingredients possible. By developing such close supplier relationships, our chefs are able to ensure that we consistently deliver menus that reflect the unique flavours and heritage of Scotland.

Game and Meats

It's enormously important to our team that we have confidence in the meats we buy, that we know where the animals are from and how they are reared. Fortunately, one of the great benefits of running a restaurant in Scotland is the access to locally-sourced, top-quality wild game - both feathered and furred, venison, beef and fowl.

Farmer in field
Scottish Deer

Fish and Shellfish

Its implicite that we only use the finest quality, sustainable and ethically sourced fish and shellfish in our menus. Using a variety of cooking techniques to create dishes that celebrate the natural flavours of the sea, our chefs work closely with local fishermen and suppliers to source the freshest, most delicious seafood. The produce Scottish waters produce is rightly the envy of Chefs world wide.

Scottish salmon leaping up a waterfall
Signature dish of home smoked Scottish Lobster with warm lime and herb butter

Fruit & Vegetables

Our secret walled garden is not only a practical source of ingredients for our restaurant, but also a way for our team to connect with nature and showcase the beauty of Scottish produce to our customers. We incorporate plants from the garden into the restaurant's menu, using flavourful heirloom varieties, highlighting the freshness and quality of the produce in every dish.

We are also lucky enough to be located in a county that produces some of the best berries in the world, and theres nothing quite like our local strawberries and raspberries in season.

Fresh tomatoes on the vine from the secret garden
Stevie McLaughlin, Head Chef with a basket of fresh produce from the secret garden


Blessed with an abundance of quality pastures for grazing, Scotland's milk, cream and some stunning artisan cheeses underpin much of our cooking. Whether it's local cultured butter, milk and cream or a beautifully ripened Artisan cheese, there is endless quality produce to inspire us.

Wedge of cheese
Cheese producer examining product in cheese factory

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